The objective of the WISCAD lab is to develop computer-aided design tools for Integrated Circuits (ICs). Our goal is to address the expected challenges of future IC generations such as support for advanced manufacturing techniques, emerging devices, new packaging technologies, secure IC design for example to protect the designer's Intellectual Property, develop optimization strategies to support distributed run of design-aid tools, and develop techniques to improve the validation and debug of ICs post-fabrication. We are also interested in Design Automation for other real-world problem instances. Research in Electronic Design Automation requires knowledge of nano-scale IC design challenges, various algorithmic and optimization techniques, and efficient software programming. The problems can lie anywhere within the two boundaries of purely CS to purely EE. WISCAD lab is led by Prof. Azadeh Davoodi.

For download: GRIP, CGRIP, TRACE, ControlWordRev (NEW).