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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Mixing Chamber for Mechanical Ventilator

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Project Overview

To develop a chamber to help stabilize oxygen percentage delivered from mechanical ventilators to critically ill patients; the chamber would allow increased accuracy of metabolic measurements.

Original Mixing Chamber Pictures
Original Mixing Chamber Original Mixing Chamber Original Mixing Chamber

The Mixing Chamber Design Team
Our Design Team

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Project Status

Having finished very thorough testing on an existing mixing chamber, our team is in the process of finishing construction of our prototype mixing chamber. This chamber has reduced dimensions, is easily cleaned, and able to maintain an airtight seal. We are also preparing our presentation and demonstration for our upcoming final poster presentation.

Test Results
Test Results

Final Design Prototype

Final Design Prototype Final Design Prototype

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 23 We met in our groups, took a team picture, and assigned team roles. We emailed our client and are waiting to hear back for further meetings.
2 January 30 We met with our client and decided that there was still sufficient work to do on the project. We got background information about the client and literature from him about our topic. A better understanding was obtained for what we need to do and we decided what research needed to be done.
3 February 6 We started to meet with faculty to gather information for our design. We began determining how testing will be done on the prototypes we make. A materials list was made and we went to the store to pick them up.
4 February 13 We will met on Tuesday and Friday and began production on the prototypes. Three to four different designs will be implemented. Challenges were found and overcome in construction of the prototypes.
5 February 20 We met throughout this week to continue the construction of our prototypes and met with mechanical engineering faculty for advice. Our final design is in the process of being chosen. We worked on writing our mid-semester paper and presentation.
6 February 27 We put the final touches on our midsemester presentation. The midsemester presentation was on Friday, March 5th.
7 March 5 We met with our client to discuss our design alternatives and choice for final design.
8 March 12 This week was spring break. Laura went to the Mayo Clinic to discuss our project with their RRTs and leaned a lot of useful information.
9 March 19 This week we met to discuss what Laura found out from the Mayo Clinic. We also had the ethics lecture this week.
10 March 26 This week we met with our client and performed tests to determine the effectiveness of our mixing chamber with the client’s ventilator.
11 April 2 This week we met with Gina who interviewed us regarding BME design. We made more plans to do the last tests needed on our mixing chamber.
12 April 9 This week we met with our client to perform the last tests with our mixing chamber. From these results we will be able to design and build our final mixing chamber.
13 April 16 This week we made our final design from the results of last week’s test. We began construction of our mixing chamber, work on the power point, and the demo to be used during our presentation.
14 April 23 This week we finished construction on our prototype mixing chamber. The final project poster presentations were this week.
15 April 30 This paper our final paper was finished and handed in along with our design notebooks, etc.

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Presentations and Reports

ppt icon Midsemester Presentation (Mar 4 2004, 125 kb)
doc icon Midsemester Paper (Mar 10 2004, 1483 kb)
ppt icon Final Presentation (Apr 29 2004, 338 kb)
doc icon PDS (May 4 2004, 24 kb)
doc icon Final Paper (May 4 2004, 3838 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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