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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Open Source Imaging Platform

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Project Overview

This project is to develop an open source small animal imaging and therapy platform that integrates imaging, specifically Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and therapy, specifically radiotherapy (RT), together. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide public design specifications and software for this system, enabling researchers to build their own system according to the available resources and needs. The specific aim for the design project is to provide initial design of such an open source imaging/therapy platform and potentially start prototyping the system at the fast prototyping system at the Morgridge Institute for Research (MIR).

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Project Status

For each of our three systems, CT, PET and radiation therapy, we are continually searching for new specifications and updating our Engineering Requirements. We have also begun putting together a SolidWorks design and developing a comprehensive Customer Requirements document. Finally, we have been researching FDA and AVMA regulations that we will need to consider in the future.

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 22 Met with the clients to determine our role in this project
2 January 29 Individual research on CT/PET/RT systems, met with client
3 February 5 Began building a spreadsheet of specifications for the hardware of the three systems, met with client
4 February 12 Worked on spreadsheet, saw a micro CT/PET system that is currently in use at WIMR
5 February 19 Worked on spreadsheet, met with Surendra, began working on mid-semester presentation
6 February 26 Worked on mid-semester presentation and began writing mid-semester report
7 March 5 Finalized the mid-semester report and worked on specification table, met with client
8 March 12 Continued working on specifications and began searching for vendors for the components
9 March 19 Took a tour of Tomotherapy and continued finding vendors
10 March 26 Spring Break
11 April 2 Began searching FDA/vet regulations, read SPED pilot program and working on SolidWorks design
12 April 9 Worked on FDA requirements and SolidWorks design and also began Customer Requirements
13 April 16 Edited customer requirements and worked on SolidWorks design
14 April 23 Continued working on SolidWorks design and began making the poster
15 April 30 Final Poster session and Final Report

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon Mid-semester Presentation (Mar 9 2010, 6142 kb)
pdf icon Mid-semester Report (Mar 10 2010, 1726 kb)
pdf icon Final Poster (May 5 2010, 2660 kb)
pdf icon Final Report (May 10 2010, 3262 kb)
pdf icon Product Design Specifications (May 10 2010, 106 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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