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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Low-Cost Thermometer

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Project Overview

Emerging countries are in need of a durable, low-cost thermometer to operate with the MedCal, a handheld medical output device. The thermometerís incorporated circuitry should produce accurate temperature measurements through the use of a human interface.

Team Picture

From left to right: Colleen Farrell, Hallie Kreitlow, Natasha Benkovich, Deborah Yagow

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Project Status

We are focusing on future MedCal work that includes obtaining better temperature accuracy and decreaing cost and measurement time.

Human testing on final thermometer

Human testing on MedCal with final thermometer.

Representation of final design

Close-up of temperature probe.

Final simple circuit to be put into MedCal

Final Circuit

Representation of final design

SolidWorks drawing of inside probe

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 23 Contact client and establish team roles
2 January 30 Background research and brainstorm; PDS first draft
3 February 6 Order supplies and start explorative thermistor testing
4 February 13 Create design matrix and select final design, continue testing
5 February 20 Work on thermometer prototype, start mid-semester paper & presentation
6 February 27 Continue prototype, calibrate it, finish paper & presentation
7 March 6 Mid-semester presentation
8 March 13 Spring break- research and brainstorm cord materials/design
9 March 20 Order metal/plastic parts for thermometer casing
10 March 27 Construct circuit, preliminarily test algorithm in Labview
11 April 3 Connect circuit to MedCal, work on microcontroller programming
12 April 10 Order materials to connect device to Medecal via cord/port
13 April 17 Continue testing, start final paper, presentation, and prototype
14 April 24 Finish up presentation and prototype
15 May 1 Final Presentations

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon Thermometer Mid-Semester Presentation (Mar 10 2009, 391 kb)
pdf icon Low-Cost Thermometer Mid-Semester Paper (Mar 11 2009, 447 kb)
pdf icon Final Design Poster (May 7 2009, 648 kb)
pdf icon Product Design Specifications (May 8 2009, 24 kb)
pdf icon Final Design Paper (May 14 2009, 619 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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