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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

12-Lead ECG Trainer

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Project Overview

Develop an adult mannequin (or attachment for a mannequin)for 12-lead ECG training. The mannequin should be able to accurately produce a variety of ECG signals for training purposes. Students should be able to place ECG electrodes on the chest, using anatomical landmarks, while a machine records the 12-lead ECG signal.

This is an image of our design team.  From the left; Laura Bagley, Amy Weaver, Anthony Schuler, Cali Roen.

Electrode placements for a 12-lead ECG

ECG Monitor

ECG Signal Generator

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Project Status

We are currently finishing up some prototype construction for this semesters portion of our design. Due to time constraints, we decided to focus solely on an LED based lead placement design. This design uses and LED/fiber-optic combination hidden under the mannequin skin to light up the correct placement for the ECG leads.

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 September 5 Choose project, assign team roles
2 September 12 Client meeting, discuss project and expectations
3 September 19 Create initial PDS Report, begin background research
4 September 26 Continue background research, brainstorming, meeting with Amit Nimunkar
5 October 3 Finalize design alternatives, prepare midsemester presentation, advisor meeting to dicuss logic gates
6 October 10 Client meeting to obtain materials and discuss design alternatives
7 October 17 Midsemester Presentations, complete PDS Report
8 October 24 Finalize prototype design with client
9 October 31 Begin ECG signal conduction testing on dummy
10 November 7 Continue testing, begin basic aspects of prototype construction, Visit to NASCO
11 November 14 Order parts, begin final paper
12 November 21 Begin prototype construction, finalize paper
13 November 28 Finish prototype construction, create poster presentation
14 December 5 Final Poster Presentations
15 December 12 Finish final report, end of semester evaluations and meetings

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Presentations and Reports

ppt icon ECG Trainer - Midesemester (Oct 16 2008, 562 kb)
pdf icon Product Design Specifications (PDS) Report (Oct 19 2008, 49 kb)
ppt icon ECG Trainer - Final Poster Presentation (Dec 10 2008, 361 kb)
pdf icon ECG Trainer - Final Report (Dec 12 2008, 218 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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