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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Female Barrier Model

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Project Overview

Students in the advance Contemporary Issues of HIV/AIDS of the Medical Genetic department need to learn to demonstrate the proper use of female barriers against sexually transmitted disease by the end of the semester. Currently, an adequate model to show proper use of female barrier is unavailable, thus, instructors have resort to illustrated figure to educate students in this matter. The goal of this project is to design a pelvic model to be used as a teaching tool to demonstrate proper installation of female barrier devices. The model needs to be compatible with over-the-counter female condoms and dental dam. Team members (from left to right): Karen Chen, Tu Mai, Rexxi Prasasya

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Project Status

We have contacted some departments that potentially have the proper female pelvic models, and waiting to hear back from them. We will also be contacting floats companies that make customize floats for swimming.

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 23 Wrote proposal for the female barrier project. Assigned team roles and contacted client.
2 January 30 Set up initial contact with client, since she was out of town.
3 February 6 Researched on the female barrier placement and the detail anatomical structure of the female reproductive system.
4 February 13 Started brainstorming. Researched on skin elasticity.
5 February 20 Brainstorming on the alternative design.
6 February 27 Worked on Mid-semester presentation. Contacted physiology/anatomy instructor to borrow the model/
7 March 6 Mid-semester presentation
8 March 13 Updated notebooks. Tested on sealing small floaties
9 March 20 Spring break
10 March 27 Purchased and started modifying the inflatable doll
11 April 3 Started prototying and setted up outreach plan
12 April 10 Continuted prototyping
13 April 17 Continuted prototyping and participated in Expo
14 April 24 Conducted testing and presented final prototype
15 May 1 Ultimate week-wrapped up the semester

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon PDS (May 1 2009, 96 kb)
pdf icon FInal Poster (May 1 2009, 1106 kb)
pdf icon Midsemester Presentation (May 1 2009, 413 kb)
docx icon Final Report (May 8 2009, 276 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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