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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Ocular Biogel

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Project Overview

Significant dry eye is an affliction that affects up to ten million people in the United States. There are currently options available to treat the symptoms of dry eye, but a way to treat the causes and repair the damage has yet to be found. We aspire to design and fabricate a dissolving biogel that is capable of sustained release of epidermal growth factors that will work to maintain healthy epithelium and restore damaged tissue on the ocular surface.

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Project Status

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 22 Established team roles, met with client, conducted preliminary research, began writing PDS.
2 January 29 Completed preliminary PDS, continued conducting background research, clarified information with client.
3 February 5 Continued individual background research and discussed physical specifications of biogel technologies and their potential applications
4 February 12 Met with client to help clarify design specifications, began research on alternate growth factors to EGF.
5 February 19 Continued research on biogels and growth factors, determined design alternatives, began delegating sections of mid-semester report.
6 February 26 Developed design matrix and began preparing for Mid-Semester Presentation.
7 March 5 Group met to finalize and edit mid-semester report and updated PDS
8 March 12 Gave our mid-semester presentation and set up a meeting with Dr. Murphy.
9 March 19 Met with Dr. Murphy and obtained information on ordering starting materials for synthesizing biogel.
10 March 26 Spring Break
11 April 2 Met with Mike Toepke to dicuss methods for creating biogel.
12 April 9 Group met to determine calculations for creating biogels, and initiated swelling testing.
13 April 16 Started degradation testing and live/dead assay.
14 April 23 Created poster for final presentation, analyzed dregradation testing and began writing final paper.
15 April 30 Poster Presentation from 12pm - 2pm 5/7/2010 in ECB

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon Project Design Specifications (PDS) (May 11 2010, 98 kb)
pdf icon Mid-Semester Report (May 11 2010, 404 kb)
pdf icon Mid-Semester Presentation (May 11 2010, 1818 kb)
pdf icon Poster (May 11 2010, 1934 kb)
pdf icon Final Report (May 11 2010, 1917 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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