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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Blinking orbital prosthesis

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Project Overview

The focus of this project is to design an animated orbital prosthesis. Currently, few attempts have been made to create a mechanism, which allows the prosthesis to blink. Our team is to design and later on fabricate a patient model simulator with prosthesis that blinks.

This is a picture From left to right: Ryan Kimmel, Alison Mcarton, Joel Gaston, Hallie Kreitlow

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Project Status

Working prototype has been completed and tested

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 25 Team was assembled, team roles were assigned
2 February 1 Research and brainstorming took place, as well as first version of PDS typed up
3 February 8 Developed several preliminary designs, researched materials, first client meeting
4 February 15 Continued to develop preliminary designs, began contacting outside resources for assistance
5 February 22 Design matrix created, final design decided upon, set up second client meeting
6 February 29 Second client meeting, started work on mid-semester report
7 March 7 Finished mid-semester report, discussed team goals, presented project to design class
8 March 14 Individual work over spring break, gave client ordering information, worked on size scale of deisgn
9 March 21 Developed testing plans and protocols, continued work on scale
10 March 28 Timeline for fabrication and testing laid out, received prototype components, started preliminary fabrication
11 April 4 Tested circuit and basic design, concluded design is not safe for testing or implementation
12 April 11 A new design was developed, began fabrication of prototype
13 April 18 Finished fabricating prototype, started and finished testing, completed poster
14 April 25 Completed final report
15 May 2

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon PDS (Feb 8 2008, 93 kb)
ppt icon Mid-Semester Powerpoint Presentation (Mar 7 2008, 2527 kb)
pdf icon Mid-Semester Report (Mar 12 2008, 195 kb)
pdf icon Final Poster (May 2 2008, 7913 kb)
pdf icon Final Report (May 12 2008, 173 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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