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Biomedical Engineering Design Projects

Pulse Oximeter Probe

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Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to develop a low-cost pulse oximeter probe for use in developing countries. It will be integrated with the MedCal, a handheld processing device which will record and display patient data. The oximeter must be rugged, durable, inexpensive, and must deliver data to the MedCal as an analog signal.

The Dream Team looks into the unknown, ready to gift the world with the ultimate design for a low-cost pulse oximeter

Team members from left to right: Joe Helfenberger, Bogdan Dzyubak, Matt Parlato and Jonathan Meyer.

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Project Status

Progress Report Archive.

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Project Timeline

Week Reporting Period Beginning Activities
1 January 23 Met with Clients, Drafted PDS, developed project scope and began research
2 January 30 Developed PDS, completed photoplethysmography lab (BME 762)
3 February 6 Ordered photodiodes and LEDs for building of circuit. Met with EWH physicians and outreach people from Madison area.
4 February 13 Developed casing and structural design ideas. Solidified decision to use reflective design.
5 February 20 Finalized materials and structural designs. Began to perform pilot testing to solidfy decisions.
6 February 27 Selected ear probe for the best design option. Midsemseter presentation.
7 March 6 Wrote Midsemester Paper.
8 March 13 Identified ear dimensions. Developed a Solid Works model of the probe.
9 March 20 Developed SolidWorks Draft of probe for review. Identified local plastic suppliers.
10 March 27 Fabricated body of "clothespin" prototype based on inherent problems with previous design. Identified need for a weak spring.
11 April 3 Built and tested a prototype based on a clothespin design.
12 April 10 Refined prototype mechanically. Began interfacing with Medecal Circuit
13 April 17 Eliminated the need for an extra external power supply, powering the probe solely through the Medecal.
14 April 24 Gave design presentation. Began working on final paper.
15 May 1 Finished final paper. Met with advisor and client for the final time.

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Presentations and Reports

pdf icon Product Design Specifications (Mar 2 2009, 259 kb)
ppt icon Midsemester Presentation (Mar 6 2009, 2478 kb)
pdf icon Midsemester Report (Apr 19 2009, 833 kb)
ppt icon Final Project Poster (May 1 2009, 923 kb)
pdf icon Final Paper (May 8 2009, 829 kb)

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Contact Information

Project Team

Project Advisor and Client

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