Flight Simulation

I have always had an interest in flight simulation. I have been using Microsoft Flight Simulator since v4.0. I created scenery for one airport and one aircraft. Unfortunately, I have recently been occupied with other projects and haven't had much time to fly.

DCRA - Truax Field Scenery

Dane County Regional Airport - Truax Field is our local airport here in Madison, Wisconsin. It has 4 runways and has daily 737 and 727 traffic. In January '94, when the Badgers went to the Rose Bowl, we had 747s, DC-10s, and L-1011s flying out to California, however typical traffic is a few 727s and 737s a day, plus general aviation and a ANG F-16s. My scenery was created using Microsoft Aircraft & Scenery Designer, then enhanced using Mallard's Scenery Enhancement Editor. It is designed for FS4, but will work in FS5.

Download TRUAXDCR.ZIP (28813 bytes)

USAir Boeing 737 Aircraft

Boeing 737-200

Download USAIR737.ZIP (37033 bytes)

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