SBDSP Programming Library

Last Release: September 23, 1994 - 1.03

Last Update: June 7, 1997 - Update on minor bug

SBDSP plays VOC digitized voice files directly on a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card without without using Creative Labs CT-VOICE driver. Sounds are played in the background, using a fraction of the CPU time.


Download SBDSP v1.03 (13,073 bytes)
Update: (97/6/7)
There is a minor bug in SBDSP. Since I do not support sbdsp anymore, I am not releasing a new version that fixes the bug, but I am explaining it here so that users can fix their own version. SBDSP will not work with sound cards on IRQ10, since it fails to acknowledge interrupts with the second PIC. The problem is in the routine ClearInterrupt in sbdsp.pas. The routine, at or around line 448, contains a statement "Port[$20] := $20;" You should insert, immediately preceding this line, the statement "Port[$A0] := $20;" This will acknowledge the interrupt with both interrupt controllers, so it should work in all situations.
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