SMIX Programming Library

Last modified: June 13, 1998

SMIX is a freeware programming library that will play up to 8 simultaneous sounds. The sounds are mixed in real time and played on any Sound Blaster compatible sound card. It provides transparent support for a variety of sound cards and will used auto-initialized 16-bit output if possible. A contribution is requested if SMIX is used for commercial for-profit use.


Official versions:

Download SMIX v1.30 (155,218 bytes) (97/6/6)
Download SMIXC v1.30 (161,253 bytes) (97/6/6)
Download SMIXW v1.30 (181,435 bytes) (97/6/6)
Download SMIXT (14,846 bytes) (98/6/13)

Release notes: