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      CEE618 Environmental Fluid Mechanics Home Page

               Instructor: Chin H. Wu            Email: 

      This course will introduce a wide range of environmental fluid flows, such as porous media, water waves, 
      flight of birds and insects, particle settling, swimming of organisms, land runoff, channel flow, and effluent 
      discharge.  Observations and physical intuition for understanding physical processes in the flow environment 
      are emphasized.   Analytical and perturbation techniques will be then used to derive governing equations for 
      further elucidating flow phenomena.  The goal of this course is to provide systematic analysis tools and basic
      skills for study fluid mechanics in natural and constructed environmental flows.

      Course Outline:
           I. Overview of environmental fluid mechanics and problems 

          II. Review of fluid kinematics and conservation laws

          III. Dimensional analysis (Buckingham Pi theorem, scaling analysis) 

          IV. Inviscid flow (Euler equations, Bernoulli's equation, vortex dynamics) 

          V. Potential flow (porous media flow, surface waves in oceans and lakes, aerodynamic flow) 

         VI. Creeping flow (Stokes' flow, settling, Hele-Shaw flow, swimming of organisms, mud flow) 

        VII. Laminar flow (channel and overland flow, stagnation flow, transient and oscillatory boundary layer, 
                                      induced streaming, mass transport) 

        VIII Turbulent flow (instability, characteristics, averaging, Reynolds and turbulent kinetic eqns, 
                                       applications: effluent discharge, boundary layer) 

        Fluid Mechanics, Pijush K. Kundu, Academic Press, Inc. 1990

        Homework                     40%
        Midterm                         30%
        Final Project/Exam         30%

        M & W, 9:55 ~ 11:30 A.M., 1213 Engineering Hall 

       Office Hours:
         M & W: 3:00-5:00 P.M., 1269D Engineering Hall

       Final Project
      1999 Class Project 

      • A Study of Wave Propagation: Theory and Govering Equations
      • The Best Wave Run-up Model on the Great Lakes 
      • Application of Fluent Commerical Software Package in Environmental Fluid Mechanics
      • Analysis of Flow Field Alterations Caused by Hydrodynamic Obstructions 
      2000 Class Project: 
      • Wind Speed Measurement over Shore and Water Surface
      • Exploratory Hydrodynamic Analysis of LakeMendota
      • A Comparison of the Governing Fluid Mechanic Equations Used for Submerged Vane Analysis
      • Methods of Determining Ship Resistance
      • Analysis and Summary of Submerged Vane Theory


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