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PLEASE NOTE: The following links on this page are a collection of links interesting to me and just for fun. NO LINK WILL APPEAR HERE BY REQUEST. . . EVER! I review each Site on this Page prior to creating a link to it, hoping to eliminate the possibility of anyone finding an objectionable third party link(s). If any such third party link(s) are ever found in the existing link(s), the Site will be removed at once. ~ Ed Dreier

* "All photographs, or drawings below are the property of Ed Dreier and may not be used without his permission. Animations, GIF's, and JPG's were free downloads from various sources on the Web."

Fly Fishing

Drawn by Ed Dreier

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away . . .

. . . Fly Fishing the Snake River 1988 ~


~ Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming ~


~ My favorite fly fishing partner . . . My Mom. ~


~ Ruth Meredith Dreier 1918 to 1999 ~


~ Fly fishing the upper St. Vrain in Colorado 1988 ~


~ The size limit is 22 inches ~


~ Fly Fishing Links ~

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc
~ " dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation
of disabled active duty military personnel and veterans through
fly fishing and fly tying education and outings." ~

Casting for Recovery
~ "Casting for Recovery (CFR) provides fly-fishing retreats
specifically tailored for women who have had breast cancer." ~

Place to wet a line in Wisconsin. . .

~ Black Earth Creek ~
~ One of my favorite Spring fed trout creeks.
Called "... one of America's top 100 trout streams."
by "Trout" magazine.

Black Earth Creek Watershed Association

2001 Black Earth Creek Fish Kill ~ In PDF Form
~ Black Earth Creek is back! ~

Clubs to join . . .
Federation of Fly Fishers
~ I am a Life Member ~
Badger Fly Fishers
~ I am a Annual Member ~
The BFF is "A member Club of the Federation of Fly fishers &
Charter member club of the Great River Council of Wisconsin"
Trout Unlimited
~ I am a Annual Member ~

Wisconsin Trout Unlimited State Councel

Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited

General Links . . .
Wisconsin Spring Creek Hatches
Everything you wanted to know about . . .
Wisconsin Sea Grant
~ "Fish of the Great Lakes" ~
Fish Wisconsin
Wisconsin Fly Fishing
Colorado Fly Fishing Network
The American Museum of Fly Fishing
Flyfishing Team USA

Fly Rods & Reels . . .
Thomas and Thomas
Len Codella's Sporting Collectibles
~ A good place to find a fly rod gem, or project rod. ~

"There are not enough women fly fishers on the streams!"
(You may quote me. - ELDreier)
International Women Fly fishers
Sharon's Fly Fishing Links
~ Lots of Great Links For Women Flyfishers! ~
Reel Women
~ Fly Fishing Adventures ~
Colorado Women Flyfishers
~ A nice Site... Check out their puzzle! ~
Scottish Ladies Fly Fishing Association

~ Outdoor Magazines Online with Fly Fishing ~
Field and Stream
Fly Fisherman

~ Countries With Great Fly Fishing ~
Fish Ireland
Fishing in Scotland
Fishing Scotland
Fly Fishing in New Zealand
Fly Fishing in Argentina and Chile

Looking for a good Site without Ads.
"I still want to catch a Walleye on a Muddler Minnow." - ELDreier


~ Flyfishing the Snake River in 1988 ~

The one that didn't get away!


My First Trout ~ 1956 at Age 7
Caught in the South Boulder ~
Pinecliffe, Colorado

~ Funny, I remember that fish as being
a lot bigger. . .

The "BIG" Trout!


~ Ah . . . There, now that's better! ~

Ice Fishing

It was too cold to take any pictures!
Drawn by Ed Dreier

Ice Fishing Links:

Ice Fishing in Wisconsin
Ice Fishing World
~ "The Hard (Water) Life" ~
~ No not "EEK it's cold outside!" ~
EEK is the Wisconsin DNR Site for the "Environmental Education for Kids".
Their homepage has a link below, but this page pertains to ice fishing, and
I am trying to fill this space. I can't figure out why there are so few of these Sites.

'The Smith Brother's and Their Old Man'


~ Oscar Petry . . . . . . . Orrin Lokken . . . . . . . Ed Dreier ~

~ 'It's not the job, it's the uniform!' ~


~ If I have to dress up like this . . .
I should be ice fishing! ~

~ Off-loading helium gas during a Wisconsin Winter. ~

~ Almost a cryogenic undertaking unto itself! ~

We were having a contest to see who could dress the warmest. . .
I won!

During February of 2007, we missed off-loading helium in -16 oF weather by one day,
because the helium supplier couldn't get their trucks started. . .
~ It was a balmy 6 oF the next day. ~

Of Special Interest:

National Eye Institute
National Kidney Foundation
Epilepsy Foundation
  • Epilepsy Foundation of South Central Wisconsin
    International Dyslexia Association
  • IDA - Wisconsin Branch
    National Institute of Neurological Disorders
    American Heart Association
    Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
    Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Of Books & Bookstores:

    Barnes & Noble ~ I wonder if I can list them as Dependants?
    The University of Wisconsin Press

    Read a book, or two, or more!

    Cheese, Chefs, Restaurants, Recipes, Food, Etc:

    Wisconsin Cheese:
    Wisconsn Cheese ~ The best cheeses in the good old USA!
    Cheese and Burger Society ~ If you love cheese burgers, you have to check out this Site!
    Grilled Cheese Academy ~ Meredith. . . Thanks for cooking all those grilled cheese sandwiches for me at the cabin in Pinecliffe, CO!

    The Food Network ~ Pick a Chef!
    Julia Child on PBS ~ Still an excellent Site. . . Watch some of her shows with master chefs.
    Jacques Pepin ~ Official web Site
    Jacques Pepin ~ Fast Food My Way - On KQED Northern California Public Telivision
    Emeril Lagasse ~ Official Web Site
    Mario Batali ~ Official Web Site
    Rachael Ray ~ Official Web Site
    Cat Cora ~ Official Web Site
    Graham Kerr ~ Official Web Site

    Madison Dining Online
    Wisconsin's Restaurant & Dining Guide
    Smoky's Club ~ The best steaks in the town!
    Food Fight ~ They own some great restaurants in the Madison and Middleton area.
    Especially the Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton . . . One of my favorites!
    Dotty Dumplings Dowry ~ Award Winning Burgers in Madison
    Glarner Stube ~ If you like Swiss, it is a great place to eat! Try their Swiss vegetable soup.
    Mi Cocina ~ 6230 University Ave - 608-238-7261 ~ My favorite authentic Mexican restaurant in Middleton, WI.
    Laredo's ~ 694 S. Whitney Way - 608-278-0585 ~ My favorite authentic Mexican restaurant in Madison, WI.
    Abuelo's ~ My favorite up scale Mexican resaurant in Middleton, WI. . . Leave room for their "Tre Leches" ("cake of three milks") for dessert.
    Qdoba - Mexican Grill ~ Best Mexican Fast Food I've ever had!
    Fraboni's Italian Specialties & Delicatessen ~ The best Italian Deli in Madison! Try their Meatball Sandwich. . . WOW!!
    Famous Dave's ~ A great place for Barbeque Ribs!
    Boulder Cork ~ Their menu speaks for it's self! Est. 1969 . . . In Boulder, CO.
    Black Forest Restaurant ~ My favorite German restaurant . . . In Nederland, CO.
    Cracker Barrel ~ Any one of their restaurants. Great breakfasts! Not to mention the best green beans!

    Home Food Safety ~ By the American Dietetic Association.
    ARM & HAMMERĘ Baking Soda ~ 159 years old and going strong, with more uses than you can shake a stick at.
    "Soup of the Evening... Beautiful Soup" ~ Soup Etiquette, Soup Songs, Soup Customs,
    Soup Tales, Soup Jokes, Soup in Art and even Soup Recipes.
    Recipe Gold Mine~ "Over 30,000 recipes on this site!" Check out "Kitchen Charts". . . Lots of great information!
    AAA Recipes ~ Find recipes by ingredients!
    Recipe Source ~ Recipes from everywhere!
    Cooking, Recipies and More
    Reynolds Kitchens ~ Check out "Your Kitchen Assistants".
    Meals For You ~ I like the way they layout their recipe index and their "Tips and Guides" page is very useful.
    Virtual Cities, Inc. ~ Lot's of interesting links on Travel, Lodging, Fishing, a Restaurant Guide, etc.
    organized by State, plus they have an Internet Cookbook with over 5,000 recipes. A really neat Site!
    The National Dairy Council
    The Mushroom Information Center ~ Lot's of information and great recipes!
    California Artichoke Advisory Board ~ I could eat these all day...
    Our Vegetable Travelers ~ The history of vegetables . . . Who ate what and when.
    PEPPER FOOL ~ For the Chile Pepper Fan in some of us.
    Pickle Packer's International, Inc.
    The National Onion Association
    U. S. Dry Bean Council ~ Put some iron in your diet! They are also fat free, high in protein, and have more fiber than many whole grain foods.
    OceanSpray ~ Cranberry juice is great for your kidneys!
    The National Turkey Federation ~ Turkey, Turkey, Turkey...
    The Turkey Store ~ and more Turkey!
    Butterball ~ Ditto!
    National Cornbread Festival ~ One on my favorite foods!

    World's Largest Bratfest - Madison WI ~ Memorial Day Weekend 2008 - A World Record 191,712 Brats Eaten!
    National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
    Bavaria Sausage, Inc. ~ The place to go for German sausages.
    Ruef's Meat Market ~ The place to go for Swiss sausages.
    Usinger's ~ Milwaukee, WI since 1880
    Vienna Beef - Chicago's Hot Dog! ~ Fix it "Chicago Style"!
    Mount Horeb Mustard Museum ~ An interesting museum and lots of mustards to taste.

    Everything you ever wanted to know about beef...
    Wisconsin Beef Council
    Colorado Beef Council
    Texas Beef Council

    Not Beef:
    National Bison Association
    Wisconsin Bison Producers Association

    Pots and Pans and Stuff:
    Cookware Safety Interesting information from the Clemson University Extention.
    International Dutch Oven Society ~ Everything you ever wanted to know, but...
    Chicago Cutlery ~ Watch those fingers!
    World Kitchen ~ Lots of information on Revere Ware and others.
    Lodge Cast Iron ~ To put a little iron in your diet...

    Great Memories:

    Puppet Shows:
    Puppeteers of America ~ I love puppets and marionettes!
  • Celebrate the 10th Annual "National Day of Puppetry" on April 25, 2009 . . . Take a puppet to lunch!
  • National Puppetry Festival in Atlanta, GA ~ July 14 -19, 2009
    The Unofficial Kukla, Fran & Ollie ~ My favorite television show in the 1950's!
    TV Days ~ Rootie Kazootie
    Howdy Doody ~ "Say kids, What time is it?" . . .
    "It's Howdy Doody time, it's Howdy Doody time, it's Howdy Doody time, it's Howdy Doody time, it's . . ."
    (I never did learn all the words to Howdy's song, so this is all I ever sang.)
    ~ This Site is written in 1st person by Howdy himself. ~

    Blackcatters World of TV theme song lyrics ~ It's fun to look back.
    The Radio Hall of Fame

  • The TV Western Heros:

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Official Website
    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum
    James Arness Official Website ~ U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke
    Jay Silverheels ~ Tonto
    Clayton Mooore ~ The Lone Ranger
    Hopalong Cassidy Official Website ~ Willliam Boyd
    Gene Autry Official Website

    The Modern West: Sky King ~ "Out of the Western sky..." I watched this show because I had a crush on Sky King's niece Penny,
    but I also liked the planes, Songbird I and II.

    The Real West and Native American History:

    Museum of the American West
    Native American Languages of the Americas
    Native American Genealogy
    Indian Country Wisconsin ~ A project of the Milwaukee Public Museum.
    Wikipedia ~ Battle of Summit Springs Colorado ~ About eight miles north of the farm my Dad grew up on. Buffalo Bill Cody was in this battle.
    Cherokee Language & Culture Preservation Web Site
    Cheyenne River Lakota Nation ~ "The Minicoujou, Ita zipco, Siha sapa & O'o'he numpa bands"
    Autry National Center
    FAITA ~ First Americans in the Arts

    Collectors, Games:

    Springbok Puzzle Collectors Page ~ We refer to ourselves as "bokkers".

    Badger Marble Club of Wisconsin ~ I still have my leather bag full of marbles from grade school . . .
    Thus ends the rumor that I lost all my marbles, or maybe not. ~
    The Marble Museum ~ Northern California
    Alan's Marble Connection ~ Interesting Site! Indentification Guide, Fake & Reproduction page
    (it shows collectors what to look out for) and lots of interesting Links.

    Sheepshead (Schafkopf):
    The Sheepshead Association ~ A free Association for all Sheepshead players.
    Yahoo! Clubs ~ The Best Sheepshead Game On-line

    American History:

    Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine ~ Birthplace of Our National Anthem
    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:
    Gettysburg Battle Field ~ 1863 The turning point in the American Civil War.
    Gettysburg National Military Park ~ A very nice Site by the National Park Service.


    Duluth Shipping News
    Lake Superior Marine Museum Association - Duluth, MN
    Duluth Seaway Port Authority
    The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
    Wisconsin Maritime Museum ~ WWII Submarine USS COBIA (SS-245) is a National Historic Landmark.
    S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald ~ The Fitz
    Historical Naval Ships Association ~ Where are they now?
    USS Wisconsin
    USS Monitor Center
    CSS H. L. Hunley ~ The first submarine to sink an enemy ship, Feb. 17, 1864.


    California Zephyr Virtual Museum ~ The CZ... Never was a better way to travel!
    Union Pacific Big Boys ~ 540,000 Lb. Articulated 4-8-8-4
    National Railway Museum ~ Green Bay, Wisconsin
    Mid-Continent Railway Museum ~ North Freedum, Wisconsin
    Illinois Railway Museum ~ Union, Illinois
    Colorado Railroad Museum ~ Golden, Colorado
    Denver Rio Grande Western
    Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society ~ Lots of great pictures!
    iD&RGW Online Archive
    The Denver & Rio Grande Western Route - 1922 Geology Survey ~ Interesting Site if you like historical geological maps.

    Wisconsin and Mid-Western Sites:

    Great Lakes Information Network ~ Information like... They cover more than 94,000 square miles and hold an estimated 6 quadrillion gallons of fresh water. WOW!
    National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
    Henry Vilas Zoo ~ Since 1911. . . Free admission and free parking. A nice place to take a break!
    Wisconsin Historical Society
    Wisconsin Veterans Museum
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    EEK ~ Environmental Education for Kids ~ By the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
    Bayfield, Wisconsin ~ On Lake Superior... The largest fresh water lake in the world.
    Circus World Museum ~ Baraboo, Wisconsin ~ A working circus museum.
    New Glarus, Wisconsin ~ Chamber of Commerce
    Cranberry Museum
    Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association
    BigTop Chautauqua ~ A great time is always had by all!


    National Weather Service
    National Doppler Radar Sites

    ~ ED DREIER is STILL . . .

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