Other College Football Performance Ratings 10-Jan-11

For a combined list with all teams, see: http://www.cae.wisc.edu/~dwilson/byrate.html

Unbeaten teams are rated based almost entirely on the highest rated team they've beaten.

A team's rating is the average of its opponents' ratings plus 100 for a win or minus 100 for a loss. Wins that lower the rating and losses that raise the rating count one twentieth as much as the other games. Post-season games count double. These ratings are in the public domain and may be freely published.

                       W  L
                       -  -
  1  South Alabama    10  0   691
  2  Georgia St        6  5   534
  3  Concordia AL      4  4   444
  4  Trinity Bible     0  7   121

David L. Wilson / dwilson@engr.wisc.edu