Mason's I-AA Picks and Rankings

Fellow I-AA fans:

Each year I have to explain how my rankings are different then other polls. So for 1999 here it goes. The following information goes into a program that computes my weekly rankings.

First I look at the team's win loss record. If you look at the end of the season, the NCAA I-AA selection committee looks at a teams win loss record more then they give on. I like to see I-AA teams play I-A teams, however if they then lose more than two games in addition to there I-A loss their chances to get into the playoffs are greatly reduced. On the other hand if a I-AA team beats a I-A team my system rewards them greatly. Believe me no one wanted Appalachian State to beat Auburn more than me. I wish they would have gone for it on 4th down, but they did not and they lost. It is still early is the season and arguably the game of the year could be in Boone on October 16.

The second thing I look at is the opponent's division and their win loss record. Different divisions are given different values that are then put into the program. This works both ways. A team like Western Illinois plays a I-A team and wins, this is probably the most points a team in my ranking system can receive. On the other side of the coin, if a I-AA team is in a weak division and always plays DIV. III teams they do not get many points each week. Even though they are undefeated, in my system the do not move open the rankings much.

The last thing that goes into my program is whether or not a team plays that week. A team gets some points for being idle. What this does is keeps an idle team from falling completely off the charts. The program deals a twelve game season, with an idle week placed in there somewhere.

All of these values are entered and my rankings are then computed. I then do my picks of the top twenty teams, which includes my game of the week and my upset of the week. I then send it out to everyone via email and message boards. I have done this for four years now and this system seems to work pretty well. It is not perfect, but it gives all of you something to talk about. Just remember it is a long season, and my rankings are very fluid. They are not opinion; they are computed on the team's actions up to that date in the season. Thank you for your time.

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