List of Matlab M-Files Used in ECE/CS/ME 539

Last Modification: Fall Semester 2018

These Matlab M-Files are written by Yu Hen Hu, and have been tested on Matlab V.7. You are welcomed to use them for education and research purposese. For commercial applications (including for-profit education services), please contact Prof. Hu at

For UW-Madison students enrolled in ECE/CS/ME 539, you may download the latest Matlab program from the Campus Software Library

If you spot mistakes in these routines, I will be happy to hear from you to correct them. However, I am unable to provide free consultation to solve your problem on hand. Nor will I help solving your homework problem unless you are taking my class during the present semester.

If you are not familiar with Matlab, here are some useful pointers to learn it by yourself.


Back-propagation Multi-Layer Perceptron

Pattern Classification

Support Vector Machines


If you run clusterdemo.m and found error message, it is likely that some of the routines call dist.m which conflicts with the built-in m-file dist.m distributed by Mathwork, Inc. The patch is to change dist to mydist and download mydist.m from the utility section.

Radial Basis Network

Time Series Analysis

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Relation Composition Demonstration

Fuzzy Logic Control Example: Dog Chases Cat

Decision Tree

Randsom Search Algorithm demonstration: Travelling Salesperson Problem

Utility Routines

Data Sets