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The LN2/LHe Facility was established in June of 1975 expressly for the purpose of supporting research at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus.

  • Our location is on the College of Engineering Campus - Engineering Hall.
  • Our yearly cryogen sales are approximately 56,700 liters of LHe and 8,000 liters of LN2.
  • Other Services Supplied: Helium Gas Recovery, Cryogenic Consulting and Helium Leak Detection.
  • We support over 700 researchers on the UW Campus with LHe.

  • NOTES:

  • We do not accept checks, or credit cards.

  • We are not affiliated with the UW Materials Distribution Services (MDS)!
  • We do not fill party balloons!
  • We do not consult regarding "Cryonics". . . Please do not ask!

  • Helium is a non-renewable resource. The world is running out. Learn about helium recovery.


    Please Note:
  • "LN2" means Liquid Nitrogen
  • "LHe" means Liquid Helium
  • "Internal" means U.W. Users
  • "External" means Non-U.W. Users ~ A company in the immediate Madison area, or visitors to the UW. Either must be supporting research at, or through the UW.


  • Less than 160 liters per transfer: $2.00/Liter (LN2 not transferred into a 160 liter dewar)
  • 160 Liter Dewar: $64.00
  • 180 Liter Dewar: $72.00

  • Less than 160 liters per transfer: $3.00/Liter (LN2 not transferred into a 160 liter dewar)
  • 160 Liter Dewar: $96.00
  • 180 Liter Dewar: $108.00

    General Information:
  • Minimum Volume Billed: 3 liters in a given month
  • All quantities are billed in 1 liter increments!
  • Self Service at the LN2 Facility
  • We Do Not Deliver LN2 Dewars!
  • We Do Not Rent LN2 Dewars!

    LIQUID HELIUM: Rates effective October 1, 2011

  • Internal: $8.50/Liter
  • External: $12.50/Liter

    Dewar Rental:
  • Internal: $6.00/Day
  • External: $8.91/Day

    Dewar Delivery Charges:
    INSIDE a four mile radius from the Facility:
  • Internal Rate: $6.50/Delivery (Includes dewar return)
  • External Rate: $9.66/Delivery

    OUTSIDE a four mile radius from the Facility:
    * Deliveries and Returns are charged separately at a Minimum Rate of One Hour.
  • Internal Rates:
  • Delivery: $65.00/Hour
  • Return: $65.00/Hour

  • External Rate:
  • Delivery: $130.00/Hour
  • Return: $130.00/Hour

    Emergency Delivery Charges *:
    * Emergency Deliveries are charged a Minimum Rate of One Hour.
  • Internal:
  • Same Day - During Regular Working Hours: No Charge
  • Same Day - AFTER Regular Working Hours: $65.00/Hour
  • Weekends: $85.00/Hour
  • Holidays: $100.00/Hour

  • External:
  • Same Day - During Regular Working Hours: Appropriate Delivery Charge Applies
  • Same Day - AFTER Regular Working Hours: $130.00/Hour
  • Weekends: $150.00/Hour
  • Holidays: $165.00/Hour

    Contaminated Dewar Charges*:
    *Against the full volume of the dewar.
  • Returned empty, but cold (77K, or lower): Plus 25% of full volume
  • Returned warm (above 77 K), or with a valve left open: Plus 45% of full volume

    Consulting Rates* (Cryogenics and Helium Leak Detection):
    * Consulting Rates are charged a Minimum Rate of One Hour per LHe Facility Staff Member.
    During Regular Working Hours:
  • Internal: $75.00/Hour/LHe Facility Staff Member
  • External: $150.00/Hour/LHe Facility Staff Member

    Emergency Consulting:
  • Internal:
  • After Regular Hours: $85.00/Hour/LHe Facility Staff Member
  • Weekend Hours: $90.00/Hour/LHe Facility Staff Member
  • Holidays: $100.00/Hour/LHe Facility Staff Member

  • External: Call for Charges



    LN2 Storage Tank: (LN2 Supplier: Airgas)
  • Capacity: 9200 gallons
  • Operating Pressure: 50 p.s.i.g.

    Transfer Systems: (Maximum Flow Capacity @ 1500 Liters/Day)
  • Rigid Vacuum Insulated Pipe (By: Minnesota Valley Engineering): 60 Feet Long
  • "SEMIFLEX" Vacuum Insulated Pipe (By: Vacuum Barrier Corp.): 600 Feet with Two User Stations, but expandable for a Third User.

    In-house LN2 Manifold:
  • Two Stations: Self-Service and User Friendly.


    Helium Liquefier/Refrigerator:
  • Being Replaced

    Liquefier Capacity with 1 RS Compressor:
  • 58.3 Liters/Hour LHe with 99.995% Pure Helium and LN2 Precooling Purifier Capacity with 1 RS Compressor (with LN2 Precooling):
  • 35 Liters/Hour LHe on Recovered Helium

  • Removes Impurities Totaling Up To 10%

    Rotary Screw Compressor (By: Linde LLC):
  • Motor: 60 Hz, 3 phase, 460 volt, 90 kW
  • Compressor Throughput Capacity: 220 scfm, or 17.5 grams/sec.

    Helium Recovery Compressor (By: Sauer Compressors USA):

    Model WP 4341, Air-cooled (3 each):
  • Motor: 60 Hz, 3 phase, 480 volt, XX horsepower
  • Compressor Throughput Capacity: XX scfm @ XXXX psig

    LHe Dewar Capacities (Outer Shell Construction):

    Storage Dewars Facility Storage Only :
  • One 1,000 Liter (To operate with the liquefier.)
  • Three @ 500 Liters/each (Carbon Steel - In Storage)

    Service Dewars User Service:
  • Three @ 500 Liters/each (Stainless Steel)
  • Six @ 250 Liters/each (Stainless Steel)
  • Thirteen @ 100 Liters/each (Stainless Steel)
  • Eleven @ 65 Liters/each (One Aluminum & Ten Stainless Steel)
  • Two @ 58 Liters/each (Carbon Steel)
  • Four @ 35 Liters/each (Stainless Steel)

    In-house Recovery Bag Capacity (By: FlexiLiner Corp.):
  • One bag @ 1300 ft.3

    Helium Storage:
  • Pure : 51,668 ft.3 @ 70oF & 3000 p.s.i.g. (In Six new 4,000 p.s.i.g. ASME tubes)
  • Recovered: 112,632 ft.3 @ 70oF & 3,300 p.s.i.g. (In Twelve new 4,000 p.s.i.g. ASME tubes)

    Pure Helium Supplier: Linde LLC
    Purity as delivered: 99.999%

  • HELIUM RECOVERY SYSTEM ~ Departments and a few preliminary pictures

    LN2/LHe Facility
    1339A Engr. Hall
    1415 Engineering Dr.
    Madison, WI 53706-1607

    Copyright 2007 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System

    Last Updated: 09/04/13

    DO NOT place LHe orders by e-mail. Please call our Facility telephone number.

    Telephone: (608) 263-5473