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This page is primarily used as a link to my modeling projects, both under construction and completed.

The majority of the projects are ship related. My ship projects to date have been commercial kits offered by various companies. At this point in time I am becoming more and more interested in working on a scratch built projects. There are several models from the Harold Hahn school that are likely candidates.

I have been trying to photograph my under construction  projects, mostly so I can have a record of the process, which I find most interesting. 

Royal Caroline became a kit bash project. I have taken it about as far as I wish to go. The experience did lead me to think hard about scratch building a model. As I had mentioned on this page in the previous version the Confederacy appealed to me. So I ordered the wood from Dave at the Lumberyard. The plans came from Harold Hahn, and I started off using the Hahn method of construction. It didn't take long to realise the tremendous waste of wood which results from this method. About half way through my Confederacy framing process Gary Bishop and Dave were discussing a different framing method, where the paper frames are pasted to the wood billets and cut close to the frame shape, glued, and trimmed. The frames are still lapped for strength, and also builds up to the correct thickness. I have a photo of a sack full of scrap from the frames. I would estimate that the waste is 2/3 of each frame. The new process is much more economical. In fact I was pleasantly surprised to find that a similar frame building process is being used for the swan practicum.

My current projects are the Confederacy, and the Fly from the Swan Practicum. As in the past I have been trying to keep a photgraphic record for the fun of it. Spending a lot of time typing takes time away from ship building. So off I go.