ECE/CS 552 Course Conduct (Fall 2017)

In-Class Lectures and Discussions

This course will incorporate in a flipped format. In particular, students will be required to watch a short video lecture before the classroom lecture. In fall 2016 semester, a set of recorded lecture videos recorded previously by ECE faculty member Professor Mikko Lipasti will be used. Each video gives a highlight of materials to be covered during lecture in class.

At the beginning of each lecture hour, the instructor will provide an overview of the materials discussed in the lecture video. Examples will be worked out. Then students will work on drill problems in groups in class while the instructor and the TA circulating the classroom to faciliate discussions. The classroom has a round-table setting to faciliate discussion among students. The interactive textbook provides many interactive exercises. Every students are required to complete these exercises by themselves. Although discussions with fellow students in class or outside the classroom are highly encouraged. The in-class exercises may also contain verilog design problems. It needs to be submitted electronically by the end of the same day it is assigned. The in-class exercises will be graded based on the work.


There will be 12 weekly homeworks. Each homework consists of questions relevant to the course materials in the previous week. Whenever possible, the homework will be assigned using the interactive format provided by the textbook. Additional problems may also be assigned occasionally as appropriate.

Interactive homework problems will be graded automatically. Additionally assigned homework problems will be submitted electronically and will be graded based on work done. This means that you must provide a completed answer to each problem to receive credit for that problem.

Homework is always due at noon on Wednesday. Late homework submission will not be accepted. There are total 12 homeworks. Only the 10 highest grades will be used to calcualte homework grade. This implies you may miss upto two homework sets without suffering any penalties.

You are allowed to consult the instructor, the TA or even your fellow classmates on how to do the homework. But you must do the homework by yourself. Direct copying of someone else's homework will be treated as cheating and both parties (copying and copied) will be punished according to UW-Madison academic mis-conduct code (see below)


On Friday when a homework is due, a short quiz (10 to 15 minutes) will be given at the beginning of the class. The materials of the quiz will be based on the homework that is due on the same week. These will be closed book quizzes and will be collected and graded by a grader. Like any test, no consultation with other students is allowed during the quizzes. Total 12 quizzes will be given and the highest 10 quiz grades will be used to calculate the quiz average.


There will be one mid-term examination and one final examination. The dates of these two examinations have been posted on the course outline. If you have schedule conflict with any of these two examinations due to academic reasons (conflict with lecture/lab hours of another course, or another final examination at the same time), inform your instructor immediately at the beginning of the semester so that a reasonable solution may be worked out.

Specifically, for final examinations, no request for alternate final examination due to non-academic travel schedule conflict will be granted. If you have three or more final examinations (from beginning to end) fall within a 24 hour period, you may ask the instructor for the possibility of alternate final examination.


The course project will be coducted individually by every students. It will be accomplished using verilog compiler and interface ModelSim (or Icarus if using an Apple laptop).

The project will be designing a pipelined micro-architecture and part of the memory sub-systems, in particular a data cache. More details will be provided during the lectures.

An individual project demonstration at the end of the semester will be scheduled during the lecture hours of the last week. Each students will be given a suite of test programs to simulate and the outcome of the simulation will be submitted electronically as part of


A course email list will be set up by DoIT list server. The instructor and TA will use this list to communicate with the class (those who registered) as a primary channel.


Academic Miscoduct

As a UW-Madison student, you have an obligation to conduct your academic work with honesty and integrity according to University standards. Likewise, it is reasonable for you to expect that your fellow classmates are also following these standards. It is expected that all work that you submit will be your own, and that you have actually done the work that you are submitting. It is permissible to interact with your classmates on the homework assignments,but the work you turn in must reflect your own effort – software, discussion and analysis, etc. Use of assignmentrelated materials from previous offerings of this or related courses is cheating.

Cheating will not be tolerated in this course. It is unfair to your fellow students, is disrespectful to me, your instructor, and devalues you as the student. Should you be found to be guilty of cheating, you will receive a zero for that assignment and a record of that misconduct will be filed with the Dean of Students office. In addition, other sanctions may include removal from this course or expulsion from the University. Should you observe a classmate engaged in academic misconduct, I would appreciate your bringing this to my attention.

Last updated: April 28, 2017

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