Kevin Jamieson


I am a Ph.D. student in the ECE department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison working with Professor Robert Nowak. My research interests lie mostly in active learning, optimization, high-dimensional statistics, and other areas related to machine learning. 

My thesis work revolves around combining the qualitative, common sense intelligence of humans with the vast quantitative computational resources of computers. In contrast to traditional active learning where humans are asked to make “hard” decisions like “this color is blue” or “this color is purple” my work considers more qualitative feedback in the form of pairwise comparisons analogous to statements like “this color is more blue than that color”. This subtle difference has enormous consequences on the reliability of the answers and the kinds of problems that can incorporate human interaction. One example of this kind of feedback that is encountered in everyday life is when someone is getting fitted for prescription lenses and they are shown one prescription after the other and asked “better or worse?” The goal of my work is to develop algorithms with theoretical performance guarantees that use this qualitative form of input from humans. See my publications for details.


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