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Welcome to the help page. You probably got here because you were curious and clicked on the question mark link. Now that you have visited this page, the help link will not be as apparent, although you can still find it in the same place if necessary.

Perhaps you arrived because you would like some help. That is the reason I made this page. Please, read on...

Help with:

I'm lost!
Near the top of every page, you will find navigation links to all of the main pages on my Javanese gamelan website. If you want to see every page of the site, then visit the sitemap. If you want to see my other pages not related to gamelan, go to my home page.
Why do some of the words/characters look strange?
For some words in Javanese, it is very common for some of the vowels to be marked with accents or other marks. Depending on your browser and settings, you may not see the correct characters. Check the small browser test table below to see if your browser is displaying the characters as I would like them to be displayed (the table includes all of the "unusual" characters that I use on my gamelan pages).
Name Character Picture/Glyph Example
Quotation mark (straight) " "I quote"
Lowercase e with acute accent é sléndro
Lowercase e with grave accent è gènder
Lowercase a with ring å Kyai Telågå Rukmi
Why do your pages look plain and/or ugly?
I'm sorry that you think my pages are ugly. Seriously, the pages may look kind of boring (no sidebar image, no text formatting, etc.) if your browser does not support cascading style sheets (CSS). I have written these pages in XHTML Strict version 1.0. Basically, this means I have to separate formatting from content. All of my formatting commands are contained in a separate file called a cascading style sheet. Generally, browsers beyond version 4 support CSS. If you have a recent browser version check to see that style sheets are turned on. Even if your browser doesn't support CSS, you should still be able to read and navigate these pages.
Why are some words misspelled?
Oops, well hopefully I've spelled English words correctly... I do not know Javanese (except for some musical terms), so I cannot verify their spelling. I have seen some of the words spelled different ways (e.g., kendhang vs. kendang). This is especially true for words with accents. I see the accented e's more often than I see the a's with rings (which is more of a pronunciation guide). Sometimes I may even use different spellings. Please correct my spelling errors and send me e-mail!
How do I play the music files?
All of the music files on my website are in MP3 format.

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