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Prof. Irena Knezevic
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1415 Engineering Dr
Madison, WI 53706
knezevic at



July 2016: From left: Irena, Jason, Oli, Song, Farhad, Amirhossin, Sina, Leon.

May 2016: Leon Maurer received two Department of Physics Awards: the 2016 Van Vleck Award and the Spring 2015 Best TA Award. Congratulations, Leon!  (More pics here.)

May 2016: Farhad receiving a 2016 Outstanding TA Award from the ECE Dept Chair Prof. John Booske. Congratulation, Farhad!

May 2016: Jason Hsu receiving a 2016 Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Congratulation, Jason!

May 2015 (before Nishant's and Yanbing's graduation ceremony): From left: Nishant Sule, Olafur Jonasson, Irena Knezevic, Song Mei, Farhad Karimi, Leon Maurer, Amirhossein Davoody, Alex Gabourie, Sina Soleimanikahnoj, Yanbing Shi, Amanda Zuverink

September 2014: Back row, from left: Alex Gabourie, Leon Maurer, Sina Soleimanikahnoj. Middle row, from left: Yanbing Shi, Olafur Jonasson, Nishant Sule, Amirhossein Davoody, Irena Knezevic. Front row, from left: Farhad Karimi, Song Mei, Amanda ZuVerink.

June 2013: Back row, from left: Zlatan Aksamija, Leon Maurer, Nishant Sule, Farhad Karimi, Irena Knezevic. Front row, from left: Olafur Jonasson, Amirhossein Davoody, Yanbing Shi, Song Mei

June 2013: Nishant receiving his Outstanding Student Paper Award from Prof. Chihiro Hamaguchi at IWCE 2013 in Nara, Japan.

August 2012: Library Cafe, relaxing after Bozidar's PhD defense. From left, clockwise: Yanbing Shi, Nishant Sule, Edwin Ramayya, Olafur Jonasson, Amirhossein Davoody, Bozidar Novakovic

August 2012:  (from left, clockwise) Yanbing Shi,Olafur Jonasson, Nishant Sule, Bozidar Novakovic, Irena Knezevic, Edwin Ramayya, Amirhossein Davoody. Missing: Zlatan Aksamija and Leon Maurer

August 2010:  Back row, from left: Zlatan Aksamija, Ken Leedle, Irena Knezevic, Bozidar Novakovic, Nishant Sule, Yanbing Shi, James Endres.  Front row, from left: Edwin Ramayya, Keely Willis, Oleksiy Slobodyan, Mir Asgar, Jie Chen

September 2009: (from left) Edwin Ramayya, Irena Knezevic, Kevin Messer, Zlatan Aksamija, Yanbing Shi, Bozidar Novakovic, Keely Willis, and Jie Chen

March 2008: (from left) Edwin Ramayya, Han Zhou, Suzey Gao, Irena Knezevic, Bozidar Novakovic