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Slides for the EMA Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics program

Resources for classes; for educational purposes only.

EMA 611 Advanced Mechanical Testing
Holographic fringe video

MSE 541 Heterogeneous and multiphase materials
Class page
Reprints on composites
Viscoelasticity silicon carbide - indium tin. This composite is designed to optimize damping performance, specifically the product of modulus and tan delta. This also illustrates the capability of broadband viscoelastic spectroscopy (BVS).

BME 315 Biomechanics
BME315 bone lab 2010 pdf
BME315 bone details for lab pdf ?
Nature article on fish swimming, muscle strain pdf. Consider the shape of fish in relation to the swimming of different kinds of fish.
BME315 scaling article, Nature pdf. This deals with the scaling of metabolic rate; recent advances in understanding of scaling, the role of the vascular system, and limits to body size.
Professor Webster notes on living green pdf. This includes epidemiology of major disease in different countries, and interpretation pertinent to public health.
Tendon article by Rigby on the mechanical properties of tendon. Tendon exhibits a nonlinear load deformation characteristic.

Tendon article by Rigby in Nature on the mechanical properties of tendon. Tendon exhibits hysteresis in cyclic load-unload protocols and aging effects as well as nonlinearity.

Tendon article by Abrahams on the mechanical properties of tendon. M. Abrahams, "Mechanical behaviour of tendon in vitro", Med. and Biol. Engng. Vol. 5, pp. 433--443.
The mechanical behaviour of horse and human tendon, as characterised by the stress-strain curve, has been examined with respect to load-strain cycling and strain rate. It was found that the tendon stress-strain curve for successive cycles was reproducible provided that strain on the specimen did not exceed 2.0 -4.0 %. If this strain level was exceeded, a permanent deformation occurred. This phenomenon was verified by histological studies on strained tendon which showed that some of the collagen fibres did not return to their original orientation. Variation in the rate of strain was found to affect both the magnitude and the shape of the stress-strain curve. Additionally, it was found that the stress relaxation phenomenon for tendon was essentially the same as that found for other connective tissues.

Gecko toe article by Autumn et al in Nature Adhesive force of a single gecko foot-hair. Geckos can climb smooth vertical surfaces. Their toes are covered with several hundred thousand fine hairs. This article seeks to understand how the hairs enable the gecko to climb such surfaces.

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