Research Group


My research is driven by interactions with  several talented students and collaborators. My   group currently includes the following  people:

phd Students

Ashley Hou (ECE)
Justin Khim (statistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Bhumesh Kumar (ECE), jointly advised by Varun Jog
Zheng Liu (statistics)
Ankit Pensia (CS), jointly advised by Varun Jog
Duzhe Wang (statistics)
Xiaomin Zhang (CS)

masters Students

Zhili Feng (CS)
Muni Sreenivas Pydi (ECE), jointly advised by Varun Jog


Deepanshu Vasal (postdoc from 2016-2017, now at UT Austin)
Andre Wibisono (postdoc from 2016-2018, now at Georgia Tech)
Min Xu (department postdoc at UPenn from 2015-2018, now at Rutgers)

Note to prospective students: Due to a high volume of e-mails, I generally do not respond to inquiries from students who have not already been admitted to a PhD program at UW-Madison. For students at Madison, I expect one or two semesters of consistently positive interaction before being invited to join the group. I place similar weight on kindness, diligence, and intellectual ability. Due to time and space limitations, I am currently not accepting new students to my group.