I graduated in 1992 from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania, with a major in Aerospace Engineering. My Master-equivalent thesis was done under the supervision of Prof. Sorin Mitran. I received my Mechanical Engineering PhD in 1998 from the University of Iowa, under the supervision of Prof. Edward J. Haug. I worked until the end of 2004 for MSC.Software (among others, with Rajiv Rampalli, Gisli Ottarsson, Todd McDevitt), in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where, on the side, in 2004 I was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department, thanks to Prof. Robert Kransy's support. In 2005 I became a Visiting Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, working with Dr. Mihai Anitescu on numerical methods for electronic structure computation. I have been faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since November 2005. I am an Associate Professor since 2011. My research interests are in Computational Dynamics and High Performance Computing. In 2006 I established the Simulation-Based Engineering Lab. In late 2010 I also started together with several colleagues the Wisconsin Applied Computing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Classes Taught at UW-Madison

ME964: High Performance Computing for Engineering Applications [2008-F][2011-S][2012-S]
ME751: Advanced Computational Multibody Dynamics [2010-S]
ME451: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Systems [2007-F][2009-S][2010-F][2011-F]
ME440: Intermediate Vibrations [2009-S]
ME340: Introduction to Dynamic Systems [2006-S][2006-F][2007-S][2007-F]

Outreach Coordinator

PROmoting the Computational Science Initiative (ProCSI).
GPU and High Performance Computing Workshops.

Editorial Board

ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics.
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation.
Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics [2009-2012]