Noguera Research Group - Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Professor Noguera’s research goal is the discovery, identification, and characterization of novel microorganisms of relevance in environmental engineering, particularly in wastewater treatment, drinking water quality, bioremediation, and biologically-based environmentally-benign industrial technologies. The Noguera Environmental Biotechnology Lab uses molecular biology-based tools, mathematical modeling, and engineering approaches to integrate the mechanistic knowledge of the physical, chemical, and biological fundamentals that govern biological process in natural or engineered environments.

Research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association Research Foundation, the Office for Naval Research, The Water Environment Research Foundation, the Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research, the Graduate College of the University of Wisconsin, and by local industry such as the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, S.C. Johnson, and U.S. Filter/Envirex.   

Noguera is a member of the steering committee of the Biotechnology Training Program, a campus-wide NIH-funded doctoral program in biotechnology, and a Faculty Member in the Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program.  He currently serves in the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Applied Microbiology, Letters in Applied Microbiology, and the ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering.

The main research areas in Dr. Noguera's lab include:

Dr. Noguera teaches CEE 322 - Environmental Engineering Processes and CEE 821 - Biological Treatment Processes


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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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