Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Computer Engineering Seminar

Seminar Schedule (Fall 2014-2015)

This seminar is a forum for presentation of preliminary and final results of work being performed by students and faculty in Computer Engineering and the invited outside speakers. All meetings will be held in the Room 4610, Engineering Hall (Conference room) beginning at 12:00 noon on Fridays. Soft drinks will normally be provided. Visitors are welcome to attend.
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Date Speaker Subject Title
September 5 No Seminar
September 12 Prof. K. C. Wang (Clemson) Observations and Thoughts on Open Cyber-Infrastructure and a Software Defined World
September 19
September 26 Pedro Melgarejo (ECE) Leveraging Directional Antenna Capabilities for Fine-Grained Gesture Recognition
October 3 Practice talks - Arhitecture (ECE) 1) Bias-Free Branch Predictor 2)Adaptive Cache and Concurrency Allocation on GPGPUs
October 10
October 17 Prof. Aseem Ansari (Biochem) Programming Living Systems: From Computational Design to Fabricated Synthetic Genomes
October 24 No seminar Engineers Day
Octber 31 Professor Robert Drechse (Journalism-UW) The Moral Component of Professional Practice
November 7 No seminar Top Students Luncheon (Dept event)
November 14
November 21 Professor Ming Xia (Visiting Scholar ECE) Towards Physical-Aided Cyber System: Leveraging Sensors to Assist Link Quality Predication
November 28 No seminar - Thanksgiving break
December 5 No seminar - ECE department party
December 12 No seminar (Study day)