Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Computer Engineering Seminar

Seminar Schedule (Spring 2013-2014)

This seminar is a forum for presentation of preliminary and final results of work being performed by students and faculty in Computer Engineering and the invited outside speakers.

All meetings will be held in the Room 4610, Engineering Hall (Conference room) beginning at 12:00 noon on Fridays.

Soft drinks will normally be provided. Visitors are welcome to attend.

Date Speaker Subject Title
January 24 No Seminar
January 31 Prof. Mikko Lipasti (ECE) Ultra Low Power Mobile Sensing
February 3 Professor Niraj Jha (Princeton)
- Sepcial Seminar joint with ECE600 - Monday
Room 1106 ME 3:30 PM
FinFETs: Novel Circuit-Architecture Design Opportunities
February 7 Prof Guru Venkataramani(GWU) An Introspective Architecture for Power and Energy Debugging
February 14
February 21 Rehan Ahmed (ECE) Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Thermal Schedulability of Periodic Real-Time Tasks
February 28 Professor Tor Aamodt (BC)
- Sepcial Seminar joint with ECE600
Room 1227 EH - 3:45 PM
Making Accelerators Efficient and Easier to Program
March 7 Two Special Seminars 3:30 PM
Room 4610 Enginering Hall
ECE Open house seminars - Topics: 1) Trace Signal Selection for Post-Silicon Debug 2) Scalable User Selection for MU-MIMO Networks
March 11 Dr. Ben Lee
- SPECIAL SEMINAR - Tuesday 12:00 Noon Room 4610 EH
Economic Mechanisms for Managing Risk in Heterogeneous Datacenters
March 14 No seminar Spring Break Begins
March 17 Dr. Gabe Cohn
- SPECIAL SEMINAR - Monday 11:30 AM Room 4610 EH
Building Embedded Sensor Systems to Bring Ubicomp to Life
March 21 No Seminar Spring Break
March 28 Dr. Bryan Black (AMD)
- Sepcial Seminar joint with ECE600
Room 1227 Engineering Hall - 3:30 PM
Die Stacking is Happening!
April 2 Dr. Jing Li (IBM)
- SPECIAL SEMINAR - Wednesday 11:30 AM Room 4610 EH
Data Centric Computing in Emerging Technologies: A PCM-CMOS Hardware Accelerator
April 4 ECE Faculty Candidate
April 11 Sanjib Sur and Teng Wei(ECE) Autodirective Audio Capturing Through a Synchronized Smartphone Array
April 18 Rangharajan Venkatesan (Purdue) Computing with Spintronic Devices
April 25
May 2
May 9 No Seminar (last lecture day)