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What is the TransFormSynth?
It is a software synthesizer that makes it easy to deal with microtonality, tuning systems outside the normal 12-tone equal tempered system.

How does the FFT synthesis work?
The synthesis engine changes both the partials (overtones) of a sound as well as the tuning (pitch).

What is a tuning continuum?
It is a way of organizing pitches so that it is easy to see the relationships and so that they are easy to play.

Using the TransFormSynth

MIDI setup
Managing patches
Importing sounds
Synthesis Parameters: peaks, filters, and attacks
Effects: LFOs and reverbs
2-d tuning continua: syntonic magic, hanson
1-d tuning continua: linear keyboards and Scala .tun files

The ideas behind the TransFormSynth

Dynamic tonality and regular tunings
Tuning invariance and transpositional invariance
Spectral mappings


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