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Dustin Wagner

Undergraduate research: Differential scanning calorimetry of amorphous solids


Roberto Rivera-Ramos

Undergrad Summer Research:Determination of Mechanical Properties of Al-Sn-Si and Al-Sn-B Alloys by Nanoindenation, 2009

Current Position: BS Student in Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez (2010)

Roberto Rivera
Humberto Melgarejo

PhD Thesis: Bulk Amorphous alloys (2011)



I was born in Soatá, small town in Boyacá Department of Colombia. I grew up in Tunja, capital city of Boyacá where I attended the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia and graduated in 1998 with B.S. in Engineering in Metallurgy. Afterwards, I worked as advisor of Engineering Faculty Dean in that University. Then I moved to Puerto Rico and received my M.S in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez (UPRM) in 2006. Ultimately, I moved to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin’s Materials Science graduate program. Here I received my M.S. in Materials Science in 2009 and now I am Ph.D. student and Research assistant in the Stone research group.


I have worked in the determination of mechanical properties of embedded AlB2 particles and the study of particle-matrix interaction in Al/AlB2 matrix composites (gravity casting and functionally graded Materials FGMs) via nanoindentation. This nanocharacterization is relevant by considering this material as an alternative lightweight composite for aerospace and transportation applications. Functionally graded Al-Mg/AlB2 metal-matrix composites have shown remarkable microstructural and micromechanical properties according to results obtained by UPRM researchers. In addition, I have researched the indentation size effect at different length scales in Al-Mg-B composites. Currently, I have started to study the structure and deformation mechanisms of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses (BMG’s) using nanoindentation.



Jelisa Torres-Ramos



Undergrad Summer Research:TEM Sample protocol for Aluminum Matrix Composites, 2008

Current Position: Raytheon Missile Systems, Material Processes & Producibility (2010)

Jose Vazquez-Gomez



Undergrad Summer Research:Nanoindentation in Aluminum Matrix Composites, 2008

Current Position: Raytheon Missile Systems, Material Processes & Producibility (2010)

Pedro Resto

Masters Thesis: Nanoindentation of the AlB2 phase in an Al-AlB2 composite (2008)

Current Position: Working on PhD at UW Madison in Biomaterials area (2009)

Sungtae Kim

Postdoctoral work: Phase equilibrium in Al-Mg-B system

Current Position: Research Scientist at UW, working on ab initio calculations (2009)










Joseph Jakes

PhD Thesis:Mechanical properties of chemically modified wood cells (2010)

Current Position:


Joseph and elderberry wine


Sam Zelinka

PhD Thesis: Mechanism of Corrosion in Treated Wood (2009)

Masters Thesis: Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Southern Pine (2006)

Current Position: Postdoc, EMPA, Zurich Switzerland (2010)

Sam and Apple Cider


Jon Puthoff

PhD Thesis: Plastic Deformation in Bulk Metallic Glasses by Thermal Activation of Shear Transformation Zones Characterized by Nanoindentation (2009)

Masters Thesis: Mesoscale modeling of strain bursts during high-temperature plastic deformation (2005)

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher studying gecko toes at Lewis & Clark University, Portland Oregon (2010)


Pat Griffin

Masters Thesis: Confinement Effects in Pore Growth for Nanoscale Anodic Alumina Structures on Silicon (2004)

Current Position: Staff Scientist, Heraeus


Ryan Webster



Undergrad research: Modeling nanoscale fracture using bubble rafts


Ryan O'Keefe

Masters Thesis: Engineering the Interfaces in High Temperature Oxide Nanocomposites for Enhanced Fracture Toughness (2003)

Current Position:

Dave Reichenbacher

Masters Thesis: Advanced Thermal Sprayed Coatings for Electronic Packaging Substrate Materials (2001)

Current Position:


Dave Ohmann

Masters Thesis: Thermal sprayed copper coatings for use in thermal sprayed circuit boards (1999)

Current Position: Strategic Account Manager, Heraeus

Mark Thomas

Masters Thesis: Analysis of Dislocation Structures in Olivine Using Optical Diffractometry (2001)

Current Position:

Scott Redinger

Masters Thesis: A study of subgrain diameter and circularity distributions for crept single crystal NaCl (1997)

Current Position:

Maria del Carmen Lopez Garcia

Undergrad Summer Research: Modeling nanoscale fracture using bubble rafts

Current Position: Completion of PhD in Materials Science Program, 2009


Mageed Elmustafa

PhD Thesis: Indentation Size Effect in FCC metals (1999)

Current Position: Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University


Thawatchai Plookphol

PhD Thesis: Similarity and Scaling Properties in Dislocation Microstructures Generated During High-Temperature Load Relaxation and Creep of Rock Salt and San Carlos Olivine Single Crystals (2001)

Current Position: Faculty, Prince of Songkla University, Mining and Materials Engineering


Katie Christianson

High School Summer research: Write Labview program for controlling micromechanical testing.

Current position: Graduated from Engineering Physics at UW Madison.



Francis Tambwe

PhD Thesis: Kinetic-Based Investigation of Hardening Mechanisms in Nanolayer Composites (2000)

Current Position: Senior process engineer at Intel Corporation


Karl Yoder

PhD Thesis: Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms in PVD Molybdenum Thin Films Based on an Activation Analysis of Nanoindentation Hardness Data (1998)

Current Position: Senior Project Engineer, MicroCHIPS, Bedford, MA


Seong-Min Lee

PhD Thesis: Creep and the Creep-Fatigue Interaction in Lead-Tin Eutectic Solders and Solder Joints (1994)

Current Position: Faculty, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Incheon, Incheon, South Korea