Research Assistant for Mesh Generation Algorithms

A research assistant position is available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for an applicant with an interest in mesh generation or computational geometry.  The work will involve research in mesh generation algorithms.  The candidate will pursue a degree in either Engineering Physics or Engineering Mechanics & Aeronautics in the Engineering Physics department at UW-Madison.  This position is available for those wishing to pursue either a Master's or PhD degree.

Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, computer science, or engineering.  Experience in code development in C or C++ is strongly desired.  Experience or classroom work in the numerical solution of PDEs is also desirable.

Start Date: Evaluation of candidates will begin immediately for admission in either Jan. or Sept. 2009.

Contact:  Applicants should provide a resume, unofficial transcript, and the names of at least three references.  Inquiries or applications should be sent by email to:

Dr. Timothy J. Tautges
Adj. Prof, Engineering Physics
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
tautges _at_