Lab Members

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Front Row, left to right: Beth Pfotenhauer, Sheena Chaston, Trina McMahon, Ryan Newton, Ashley Shade, Azivy Che Aziz

Back row, left to right: Allie Sanders, Stuart Jones, Jason Flowers, Kurt Jacobson, Emily Kara, Shaomei He

Associate Professor Trina McMahon

Postdoctoral Researchers

Todd Miller

Graduate Students

Tracey Cadkin
Sheena Chaston
Jason Flowers
Shaomei He
Stuart Jones
Emily Kara
Beth Pfotenhauer
Alison Sanders
Ashley Shade

Undergraduate Students

Nick Bartelorio
Forrest Bishop
Holly Powell
Chelsea Rowe
James Tracey
David Welkie
Georgia Wolfe

Summer 2007 Undergraduate Students

Summer 2006 Undergraduate Students

Summer 2005 Undergraduate Students

Jacqueline Minnasso
Molly Rideout (Memorial High School student)

Summer 2004 Undergraduate Students

Brad Tebbets
Jenny Epstein
Jenny Beissinger

Lab alumni

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Last Modified: June 2008